Guys, We Are Here For You

My Life Clinic understands that unplanned pregnancies do not just affect women but the men involved as well. This time can be just as overwhelming and stressful for you as it is for her, and we want to support both of you.

We offer free information and support for men to give you the tools to better support your partner through this process. You need to discuss your feelings and role in this unplanned pregnancy.

How You Can Help

When you come in for your appointment, we can go over many ways for you to help your partner during this difficult, confusing time. For now, here is some advice to benefit you and your partner:

  • Listen. You are involved, but this situation involves more than just you. You and your partner are now making decisions for you, her, and the growing pregnancy. The best thing you can do is listen and respond to her needs.
  • Remain Calm. Your partner needs your support now more than ever. Although she is the one carrying the pregnancy, you are both parents. No matter how stressed you feel, do your best to keep your emotions under control. Do not lash out or assign blame to your partner. You are in this together and need to work as a team.
  • Talk. Talk about the situation with your parents and others close to the pregnancy. Communication is critical, especially when navigating something as complicated as deciding how to move forward with an unplanned pregnancy. You will be better off sharing your thoughts and feelings rather than attempting to cover them up, which will only cause more stress.
  • Be Honest. You may be having feelings of anger, confusion, or fear. All those feelings are valid and while you should do your best not to put more stress on your partner or blame her, sharing how you feel is essential. She is also likely experiencing these feelings, so she will appreciate knowing she is not alone.

Join Dad Life

Be partnered with a fellow Dad mentor! My Life Clinic created this program for one-on-one meetings. Dad Life is your chance to ask questions about being a dad, be heard, and grow with a man outside of your situation. This program hopes to encourage and prepare men for fatherhood!

Make An Appointment

If you want someone to talk to about your current situation, My Life Clinic is here for you. Make a free appointment today to get your questions answered and your concerns addressed in a confidential, non-judgmental setting.