Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can be an emotional time. Usually, many factors are at play, both positive and negative. 

In most cases, the partner and the woman’s family are emotionally involved with the pregnancy. This involvement can translate into support, neglect, or even manipulation.

There have been studies done on the mental health impact of abortion on women. A compilation of this research has drawn some conclusions:

1. Some Women Experience Emotional Impact

Studies differ on the percentage of women who struggle with sadness, grief, or feelings of loss. However, all agree that these feelings do occur in some cases.

Sometimes, the impact grows greater as time passes. Symptoms may not manifest until years have gone by.

2. Women Who Have Aborted Experience a Higher Rate of Mental Illness

Again, the percentages differ, but when compared to women who have never aborted, the rate of mental illness is consistently higher in those who have. 

3. Common Mental Health Risk Factors with Abortion

There are risk factors for whether or not a woman will experience negative mental health impacts after abortion. These include:

Perceived Pressure to Abort

When women feel that they are being pressured to abort, especially when they would not have chosen that option, it can have a negative impact.

Existing Maternal Desires

Sometimes, women who choose abortion have a desire to parent. Maybe they didn’t pay attention to those feelings or felt there wasn’t another option.

If the pregnancy was actually wanted, this can be devastating.

History of Mental Health Issues

Existing mental health issues can potentially be triggered, aggravated, or complicated by an abortion experience.

Conflicting Moral Beliefs

If a woman has conflicting moral beliefs, it can make it difficult for her to reconcile abortion with her self-identity. 

What Can My Life Clinic Do For You?

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