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An unplanned pregnancy can be stressful and even scary, but we are here for you. With free and confidential services and a knowledgable staff, we are here to offer you support every step of the way. Make an appointment today to meet with our staff. 

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Pregnancy Testing

If you recently missed a period or had unprotected sex and you think you may be pregnant, it may be time to take a pregnancy test. We offer free and confidential pregnancy testing at My Life Clinic.


During a free ultrasound at our clinic, our staff can visually confirm the pregnancy, determine how far along you are and whether there is a heartbeat, and ensure the pregnancy is located in the uterus.

STD Testing

If you've had unprotected sex, an unplanned pregnancy isn't the only thing to worry about. You could also have contracted an STD. Our clinic offers free and confidential STD testing for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.

My first visit was personal & about me. She didn’t rush or pass judgement. The whole staff was great from the time I entered to the time I left.

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